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Best Air Mattress For The Money – 2019

Having the best air mattress can make the difference between getting the rest you need or waking up tired. But there’s a lot to consider as you shop for your new airbed. We took a look at the air mattresses with the highest ratings and best features, and found the biggest values around. This is our guide to helping you find the best air mattress, whether you’re taking it camping or stashing it in the guest bedroom.

You may have some questions when it comes to finding the best air mattress. Will you be happy with your purchase after a while? Will it be easy to care for? What will you do if your mattress breaks? This guide is here to answer those questions, and review some of the best air mattresses available.

Making any kind of purchase can be stressful if you don't know all the facts about the item you are buying. An air mattress is no different but in the end you're the only one who can make the call. Get your information, figure out what you want, and go get it!

Why Should I Buy An Air Mattress?

Quick and easy set up

Air mattresses are extremely versatile, with many uses and many benefits. An air mattress bed can be inflated and be set up anywhere. It can be used in the cab of your truck, in your home, or even in a tent on those camping trips where other people are sleeping on the ground.

If you've found your best air mattress, it can be used anywhere that there is space to lay it out. This makes it an extremely adaptable piece of equipment that is as adventurous and resilient are you are.

Comfortable sleep when spending the night away

Using an air mattress can alleviate some of the stress that may occur when someone must spend the night away from home. If you often go on camping trips and overnight stays away from home, bringing an air mattress can be a much more comfortable option. Rather than having to resort to sleeping on a cot, a couch, or even on the ground.

Comfortable sleep for guests

If you ever have guests or family members coming to stay at your home, an Air Mattress is a great way to provide them with a comfortable sleeping space, which can be easily packed away when it is no longer needed.

Great Plan B

These mattresses can also serve as a substitute for a top spring on a stationary bed. They can be covered with covers and sheets just like any other mattress with no one being the wiser. But you might not be interested in this and instead just want to use this mattress as extra bedding.

Little maintenance

Air mattresses require very little maintenance. At most when they get dirty you can wipe the surface with a sponge. While most Air Mattresses are made of strong materials, they are still prone to punctures, however most air mattresses will come with an easy to use puncture repair kit. For more permanent fixes, there are different kinds of special putty made just for these mattresses. They're easy to find and easy on the wallet.

Inflating these portable beds is accomplished by using the bed's valve and blowing air into the bed's chamber with a pump. Newer models may feature built in air valves that use batteries for quick and easy inflating. These newer valves can be activated by pressing a button or by pressing firmly on the valve.

Medical advantages

Air Mattresses have been recognised by the medical community as helping people who suffer from arthritis and other skeletal and muscular problems sleep better. Pregnant women can sleep on airbeds without having to fear sleeping on their stomachs. These beds form themselves around people's bodies and provide support.

So whatever your requirement, an air mattress can be a great option for you. We hope our guide can help you to find the best air mattress for your needs.

If you do not have time to read our full guide, or want a sneak peek, here is our top 5 choices for the best air mattress:

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