Best Air Mattress For The Money – 2022

Having the best air mattress can make the difference between getting the rest you need or waking up tired. But there’s a lot to consider as you shop for your new airbed. We took a look at the air mattresses with the highest ratings and best features, and found the biggest values around. This is our guide to helping you find the best air mattress, whether you’re taking it camping or stashing it in the guest bedroom.

You may have some questions when it comes to finding the best air mattress. Will you be happy with your purchase after a while? Will it be easy to care for? What will you do if your mattress breaks? This guide is here to answer those questions, and review some of the best air mattresses available.

Making any kind of purchase can be stressful if you don't know all the facts about the item you are buying. An air mattress is no different but in the end you're the only one who can make the call. Get your information, figure out what you want, and go get it!

Why Should I Buy An Air Mattress?

Quick and easy set up

Air mattresses are extremely versatile, with many uses and many benefits. An air mattress bed can be inflated and be set up anywhere. It can be used in the cab of your truck, in your home, or even in a tent on those camping trips where other people are sleeping on the ground.

If you've found your best air mattress, it can be used anywhere that there is space to lay it out. This makes it an extremely adaptable piece of equipment that is as adventurous and resilient are you are.

Comfortable sleep when spending the night away

Using an air mattress can alleviate some of the stress that may occur when someone must spend the night away from home. If you often go on camping trips and overnight stays away from home, bringing an air mattress can be a much more comfortable option. Rather than having to resort to sleeping on a cot, a couch, or even on the ground.

Comfortable sleep for guests

If you ever have guests or family members coming to stay at your home, an Air Mattress is a great way to provide them with a comfortable sleeping space, which can be easily packed away when it is no longer needed.

Great Plan B

These mattresses can also serve as a substitute for a top spring on a stationary bed. They can be covered with covers and sheets just like any other mattress with no one being the wiser. But you might not be interested in this and instead just want to use this mattress as extra bedding.

Little maintenance

Air mattresses require very little maintenance. At most when they get dirty you can wipe the surface with a sponge. While most Air Mattresses are made of strong materials, they are still prone to punctures, however most air mattresses will come with an easy to use puncture repair kit. For more permanent fixes, there are different kinds of special putty made just for these mattresses. They're easy to find and easy on the wallet.

Inflating these portable beds is accomplished by using the bed's valve and blowing air into the bed's chamber with a pump. Newer models may feature built in air valves that use batteries for quick and easy inflating. These newer valves can be activated by pressing a button or by pressing firmly on the valve.

Medical advantages

Air Mattresses have been recognised by the medical community as helping people who suffer from arthritis and other skeletal and muscular problems sleep better. Pregnant women can sleep on airbeds without having to fear sleeping on their stomachs. These beds form themselves around people's bodies and provide support.

So whatever your requirement, an air mattress can be a great option for you. We hope our guide can help you to find the best air mattress for your needs.

What to Consider when looking for your Air Mattress

Not all air mattresses were created equal. They vary according to size, shape, and durability. Each type has its own function, that can only satisfy a particular group of consumers.

Furthermore, air mattresses will still differ according to their manufacturer. So to help you out in choosing a good air mattress, here is a list of some guidelines in choosing the best kind.


Before making a purchase, you have to make sure that you get a size that is right for you. How many people are going to sleep on the bed? If you intend to use the bed alone, then a twin or a full sized mattress can offer you enough sleeping space for you to be comfortable. If you plan to sleep as a couple or with your kid, then it's best to consider buying a queen or a king sized air bed. Whatever you decide on, you just have to ensure that you'll get a bed that offers ample space for whoever will use it, and it will fit the space that you have allotted inside your room.


To ensure quality air mattresses, it is best to buy those with reliable product warranty.
Since most air mattresses are made of rubber, plastics or textile- bolstered plastics, there may be chances of defective items if made from low quality production.

The warranty shields you against low quality productions or manufacturer flaws.
Air mattresses may vary from one another. Some are designed specifically for home use, being less portable. Others are made for camping and are light, portable and roll up into a carry-bag.

Comfort and Support

Choose an air mattress that can soothingly hold up your body at any position. It can also keep your backbone in similar body pose as good stance. Keep in mind that when choosing air mattress, it is best to choose an item that will allow your body to loosen up and rest.
Many air mattresses are incorporated with special sleep surface, or have an additional topper such as the pillowtop, cushioned top, and surround top. Not just that, there are hypoallergenic airbed types for irritation-free sleep, too.

Air Pump

You will need an air pump to inflate your air mattress. You can purchase either a manual or an electric pump. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

The manual pumps are good for camps, outdoor picnics, beaches and situations where there is no electricity source. Manual pumps come in two types: one is operated by hand, and another operated by foot. Both the manual pumps are slow and tiring, but at least they can fill up your air mattress and give you a very good sleep.
The electric pump is very convenient for indoor use, or any situation where you have access to electricity. All you need to do is plug in the pump, connect it to the valve of the air mattress and sit back and relax! Electric pumps are very fast and effortless to use, and ideal if you or whoever is using it is unable to use a manual pump.
It is ideal to have both kinds at home just incase.


your budget is another important consideration to make. You have to check the price that you can afford to pay for an air mattress. You can opt to be cost effective with your budget but you should not compromise the quality of the bed. If you want a more durable Mattress that can last for a longer period of time, this may mean a little more expense on your part. You can still buy a flexible and durable bed despite sticking to your budget.

Extra Features

Nowadays, manufacturers are smart to add more variety to their range of air mattresses products. For a bit more money, you could be looking at extra features such as built in pillow, remote pump or extra air bladders that come with it. These features are good to have and not necessary. You may want to weigh the conveniences against the added costs.

SoundAsleep Dream Series

SoundAsleep best air mattress


  • Multilayer 15-gauge puncture-resistant lining
  • Integrated electric air pump
  • SureGrip bottom, so the airbed won’t slip or slide
  • Carrying bag included at no cost
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty from SoundAsleep

SoundAsleep’s Dream Series offers comfort and convenience at a moderate price. These mattresses have integrated air pumps and comfort coil technology, so they’re easy to setup and wonderful to sleep on. Every Dream Series mattress is made with thick plastic for durability, and features an ultra-plush flocked top.

Intex Comfort best air mattress


  • Soft flocked top for comfort
  • Includes an integrated electric air pump
  • Durable enough for regular use
  • Made of 16-gauge waterproof plastic
  • Bed is elevated 22” off of the floor

The Comfort Plush line of airbeds by Intex are priced to sell. They pack all of the features and comfort of a high-end air mattress into an affordable price. This queen-sized air mattress is sturdy enough for two sleepers, and is rated for 600lbs. It inflates quickly with an integrated air pump, and deflates just as fast for easy storage in the included duffle bag.

Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Air Mattress

Insta-bed best air mattress


  • Customizable firmness setting
  • Uses NeverFLAT pump system to keep the air mattress inflated all night
  • Integrated electric air pump for quick and easy inflation
  • 35 air coils for extra support where you need it
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty from Insta-Bed

Comparable to the Serta Raised Air mattress, Insta-Bed offers a premium-quality airbed that’s built to last at a price anyone can afford. This premium air mattress inflates quickly using the integrated electric pump with easy to use automatic settings that provide adjustable firmness. It uses a secondary air pump, which is included, to stay inflated all night long. The Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Air Mattress is the perfect airbed to keep stashed away for guests. Best Choice best air mattress


  • Comes in both XL Twin and Queen sizes
  • Includes a hypoallergenic fitted sheet made of natural bamboo fibers
  • Reinforced with thick and durable nylon laminate plastic
  • Integrated high-output electric pump quickly inflates and deflates the bed
  • Coil beam construction can support up to 600lbs decided to market and sell their Best Choice airbed, and we’re glad they did. This air mattress includes a hypoallergenic fitted sheet made out of natural Bamboo fibres, which insulates sleepers from the chilly airbed and fights back against dust and dander. In addition to the health benefits, the Best Choice air mattress is durable and comfortable, with reinforced nylon construction that can support up to 600lbs. If you’re an allergy sufferer, or just need a sturdy air mattress for the guest room, this premium airbed from is a great choice.

Insta-Bed NeverFlat Raised Queen with Headboard

Insta-bed neverflat headboard best air mattress


  • Queen-size mattress comes with an inflatable headboard
  • Includes two pumps, one for inflation and another NeverFLAT to hold pressure
  • 35 air coils offers ultimate support for your hips, shoulders, and knees
  • Ultra-plush sueded top keeps you comfortable and warm
  • Pressure sensing technology monitors and adjusts firmness to your setting

The InstaBed NeverFLAT Raised Queen with Headboard takes everything there is to love about the InstaBed NeverFLAT Raised Air mattress and adds a comfortable headboard. We recommend this bed for long-term use, because the headboard stops your pillows from slipping backward and getting lodged between the air mattress and the wall. This premium air mattress from InstaBed is one of the best on the market.

Intex Pillow Rest

Intex Pillow rest best air mattress


  • Twin-size airbed with built-in pillows
  • Includes an integrated electric air pump
  • Double-layer construction with airbeam supports
  • Built tough enough to support 300lbs
  • Includes a duffel bag with shoulder strap for portability

The Intex PillowRest is the most budget-friendly raised airbed set around. It even comes with an inflatable ridge that works as an integrated pillow, so you can leave yours at home. It’s covered with incredibly soft flocking and reinforced with internal airbeam supports, so you’ll find that it’s both soft and durable. Best of all for a budget air mattress, it comes with an integrated electric pump so you can inflate this air mattress fast. If you’re in the market for a cheap and easy air bed, it doesn’t get any better than the Intex PillowRest.

Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

Coleman camping best air mattress


  • Built to last out of heavy-duty PVC plastic
  • Plush flocked sleeping surface for comfort
  • Available in both Queen and Twin sizes
  • ComfortStrong air coil construction will support up to 600lbs
  • Backed by Coleman with a 1-year warranty against leaks

Coleman makes some of the best portable airbeds around, but the SupportRest Double High Airbed is meant to be used every night. It’s a budget mattress that doesn’t include a pump. Although it’s missing a few features, Coleman didn’t skimp on quality. The entire SupportRest series is made with heavy duty seam-welded PVC that can support more than 600lbs and is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to leak. If you already have an air pump, get this Coleman SupportRest and save some money.

SoundAsleep Camping Series

Soundasleep camping best air mattress


  • Premium camping airbed includes rechargeable pump
  • Available in both Queen and Twin sizes
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use with extra-thick construction
  • Backed by a 1-year limited warranty from SoundAsleep

Campers are going to love the SoundAsleep Camping Series of air mattresses, especially if you like to go off of the beaten path. This airbed features a rechargeable pump, so you can fill it up anywhere you happen to be without the need to plug into a car converter. It’s also made with double-thick padding to better shield sleepers from the rocks and bumps that they’ll run into setting up camp in the forest. This is a truly off-road airbed.

Coleman QuickBed

coleman quickbed best air mattress


  • Includes an integrated carrying bag with Coleman Wrap N Roll technology
  • Available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes
  • Double Lock valve will retain air over multiple nights
  • Comfort coil system for added support
  • Guaranteed by Coleman to be leak-free for 1 year

The Coleman QuickBed is a classic budget airbed that’s priced to sell, but with all of the camping quality you’ve come to expect from Coleman. This slim airbed is perfectly portable, although you’ll need to bring along an air pump to inflate it. What the Coleman QuickBed lacks in features, it more than makes up in quality. This long-time favourite is still one of the best air mattresses around.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

intex classic best air mattress


  • Set includes 2 pillows and a carrying bag
  • Hand pump also included for easy inflation
  • 15-gauge construction can support two sleepers up to 600lbs
  • Airbeam construction for added durability and comfort
  • Waterproof and ready for camping

The Intex Downy Airbed Set is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to keep a complete sleeping solution tucked away in their closet or car. It comes with two pillows and a pump, which is everything you need in one package. Best of all, this set is priced to sell. It comes with everything you need, including an extremely low price point. This quality airbed set from Intex is the best choice for a budget set with all of the options.

Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Airbed

Lightspeed outdoors best air mattress


  • Rugged phthalate and PVC-free construction
  • Includes battery-operated pump and oversize storage bag
  • Built from cutting-edge thermoplastic polyurethane for extreme durability
  • Weighs just 6lbs, including pump and batteries
  • Comes with a 1-year, no-questions-asked warranty from Lightspeed Outdoors

The Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Airbed is a big upgrade from the Coleman Quickbed, but you should expect to pay for it. If you’re looking for a premium, lightweight, and extremely tough camping air mattress, this is the one for you. It comes with a battery-operated pump, so it’s ready to inflate fast even if you’re in the middle of nowhere. The Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Airbed is our choice as the best air mattress for camping.

Coleman Airbed Cot

Coleman airbed cot best air mattress


  • Innovative design is both an airbed and a cot
  • Steel frame construction can support 2 sleepers of up to 600lbs
  • Dual bedside tables are built in
  • Includes a battery-powered air pump
  • Backed by Coleman’s 1-year full-service warranty

Car campers are going to love the Coleman Airbed Cot. Although it’s a bit bulky to strap to your back, if you have extra room in your truck you should take this air mattress and steel stand along for the ride. The whole package is built to last, with a solid frame and durable mattress that can support up to 600lbs. The Coleman Airbed Cot also comes complete with a battery-powered air pump, zippered liner, and two side tables with drink holders.

The Best Air Mattress for the Money

When it comes to value, one air mattress stands out above the rest. The Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Air Mattress is, dollar for dollar, the best choice on this list. Insta-Bed offers the same air mattress as Serta but, because they aren’t a well-known brand, their bed costs less.

This is the best air mattress for buyers who want all of the premium features at the lowest possible price. The NeverFLAT pump keeps this mattress inflated all night long, while the air coils offer extra support, and the adjustable pump settings make it easy fine-tune the firmness of the bed.

It has all of the standard features that you’d expect in a premium airbed, like a non-slip base and soft flocking on the surface. Plus it’s an elevated mattress, so it keeps sleepers up off of the floor and away from dust and drafts. When you’re shopping strictly for value, the Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Air Mattress is the best choice.

The Best Air Mattress for Camping

We think the best air mattress that you’ll find for camping is the Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Airbed. It costs a bit more than other camping air mattresses, but it’s built for the task. Not only does it have a thicker bottom liner than other camping air mattresses, but it also includes a portable air pump.

Lightspeed Outdoors doesn’t have the same sort of brand recognition as Coleman, but it’s built for camping, right down to the materials that are used. They’re the only mattress brand that offers thermoplastic polyurethane as a build option. That matters to campers because it’s lighter and more rugged than PVC.

No other camping air mattress is designed to be put into your pack in the same way that the Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Person Airbed is. Plus it’s big enough for two adults or three children, so you won’t have to carry more than one with you on the trail. When you compare all of the options, we’re confident that you’ll agree that Lightspeed makes the best air mattress to take along on camping trips.

The Best Air Mattress for Long-Term Use

By far, our pick for best air mattress for long-term use is the Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Queen with Headboard. If you’re looking for an airbed that you can comfortably use night after night, there’s no doubt that this is the right choice.

Not only does the Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Queen with Headboard have adjustable firmness settings, but it also has an always-on pump that’s controlled by digital technology in order to keep the firmness levels right where you set it, night after night.

Other air mattresses just aren’t designed for this sort of long-term use. The headboard is a nice touch, and it’s one that you won’t find anywhere else. But more than that, the Insta-Bed NeverFLAT Raised Queen with Headboard is luxuriously comfortable, incredibly durable, and engineered top to bottom for everyday use.

The Best Twin-Size Air Mattress

Looking at small airbeds, we think the Intex Pillow Rest is the best twin air mattress around. It folds up small for easy storage, inflates quickly with the included pump, and has all of the premium features that you’d look for in a Twin-size air mattress.

The double-walled PVC plastic is durable enough for everyday use, and the aircoil technology will help to support sleepers hips and shoulders, making this an extremely comfortable choice. The integrated pillows are a great add-on, and they make this a truly all-in-one package.

If you need a small air mattress for home use, the Intex Pillow Rest is the best one on the market. We’re confident that this is the best Twin-size air mattress you can find at any price.

The Best Queen-Size Air Mattress

On the larger side of things, our pick for best queen-size air mattress has got to be the Best Choice. This airbed was engineered by to be the best Queen-sized mattress on the market, and we think it shows.

The Best Choice airbed has everything you need in one easy package. The integrated air pump can be set to different firmness levels, customizing itself for comfort. It also features a secondary pump that’s electronically controlled in order to keep the firmness level right where you put it, so it’s just as comfortable to sleep on for the fourth night as it is the first. includes little touches, like a hypoallergenic liner and bed skirt, so this airbed looks just like the real thing when it’s set up. This is an air mattress that anyone would be proud to bring out for guests, and we think it’s the best Queen-size air mattress around.

The Best Air Mattress Overall

When it comes to choosing the best air mattress overall, the Serta Raised Air Mattress stands out above the rest. This name brand, premium air mattress has the best overall build quality, most features, and best warranty out of any of these mattresses. Of course, you’ll have to pay more for the privilege, but quality has never been cheap.

The Serta Raised Air Mattress blows the competition out of the water, with its attention to detail and quality. It’s built with an extra-thick layer of plastic to help prevent leaks, and the seams are welded so there’s no risk of tearing or blowouts. The quality of the air pump itself is outstanding, and it’s by far the quietest around.

Every part of this mattress has been engineered by Serta to be the best available. If budget isn’t your biggest concern, we recommend the Serta Raised Air Mattress as the best choice overall. It’s not even close.

Our Conclusion

If you’re in the market for a new air mattress, it’s hard to beat InstaBed’s offerings. The company uses the same supplier as Serta, with the exact same build quality and features, but without the brand name. That lets them sell premium airbeds at an affordable price.

If the InstaBed air mattresses have one problem, it’s that they’re not very portable. While they might be perfect for the guest room, you’re not going to want to bring them with you on a road trip. Coleman makes some of the best portable airbeds, including the Coleman Airbed Cot that’s perfect to bring along on your next camping trip.

If you just need a cheap air mattress to use once or twice a year, there’s nothing better than the Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set. It’s lightweight and comfortable, includes pillows and a pump, and won’t cost an arm and a leg. As far as cheap air mattresses go, Intex makes the best ones on the market.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you need from your air mattress. We covered the 13 top-rated airbeds on Amazon, and every product featured in our list is an outstanding one.